Indian Cremation Services in Sydney

Indian Cremation Services in Sydney By Sahara Funerals

Sahara Funerals Offers Indian Cremation Services in Sydney For Deceased Persons From Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist & Jain Religions. Hindus believe that body should be cremated instead of buried so all Hindu except babies, infants and saints are cremated.

Why do Hindu’s Believe in Cremation?

Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists believe that soul  is indestructible and after death only the physical body is destroyed but soul continues the journey and reincarnates into another life form. Hindus believe that the process of cremation frees the soul from the body so that the soul can continue its journey.

Another belief is that our body is composed of five elements earth, fire, water, air & sky and the process of cremation returns the body into these five elements.

Hindus along with Sikhs, Buddhist and Jains believe in Reincarnation which means that every living being starts a new life in a different body after death.

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