Buddhist Funerals Sydney


Buddhist Funerals Sydney

Monks Performing Buddhist Funeral Rituals in Sydney

Buddhist Funerals Sydney By Sahara Funerals

Are you looking for Buddhist Funerals Sydney, then contact Sahara Indian Funerals Services in Sydney to arrange a Buddhist funeral service in Sydney as we are experienced in all kind of Ethnic, Indian, Sikh, Christian, Catholic and Especially Hindu Funeral Services in Sydney.

All our Buddhist Funerals Services in Sydney are carries out in accordance with Buddhist rituals.

Buddhist Funerals Sydney - Sahara FuneralsWhile most Western funerals are seen as a time of sorrow and sadness – Buddhist Funerals Sydney are viewed in a different light. In Buddhism, death is seen as the end of a person’s suffering and their time to move on to the next phase of existence. To help the departed individual on their journey, friends and family join together through prayer, recitation of text and the words of Buddha – followed by a series of sacred rituals.

Our funeral directors are experienced in the different stages involved with preparing a Buddhist funeral. From the preparation of texts, mantras, quotations – to arranging a place of worship for the final ceremony – our directors work together with friends and family to arrange a service that satisfies all attendees.

Preparing for the Buddhist Funerals Sydney

Buddhist Funeral Services in Sydney By Sahara FuneralsWhen planning for a Buddhist funeral service in Sydney, we take you through every step of the way. We offer a selection of practical and in expensive caskets to suit your needs. And we help you find a venue that’s spacious enough to cater for your estimated number of guests, either in a private indoor or outdoor setting.

If you need a Buddhist monk or priest to be arranged for the final ceremony, we can reach out to our network of religious leaders on your behalf. Otherwise, you may appoint your own personal preference.

Pre-Ceremony Buddhist Rituals and Cremation in Sydney

Buddhist Cremations & Buddhist Funerals SydneyPrior to the cremation ceremony, funeral guests are invited to join in prayers and chants. Your Buddhist Funerals Sydney director will consult family members and religious figures, in regards to what texts and quotations should be recited during these services.

If you’re expecting guests who do not follow the Buddhist faith, we can prepare other religious tests too. This encourages a more inclusive environment for funeral attendees, where guests may come from different cultural and religious backgrounds – or have little experience with attending Buddhist Funerals in general.

We can also arrange an altar to be placed before the deceased individual. This gives friends and family the chance to leave offerings such as flowers, candles, incense and fruits. Other aspects like floral arrangements, banners and audio visual equipment can also be prepared prior to the event.

When the pre-ceremony rituals have concluded, friends and family join together and say their final farewells to the deceased individual, before the cremation procedure takes place.

After the Buddhist Funeral in Sydney

After the Buddhist Funerals Ceremony in SydneyEven when the ceremonies have ended and life goes back to your daily routine, it’s normal to experience conflicting emotions and sudden feelings of grief. Following the Buddhist funeral service in Sydney, we keep in touch with you and your family members and offer ongoing support during your time of loss.

If you wish to contact us about hosting memorial services for your lost loved one, you can talk to one of our funeral directors about making these arrangements. At Sahara Funerals, we’re here for you whenever you need us.

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