August 2013

Dr Narendra Joshi, Ahmedabad, India.

It  was shocking news for us and we could not think how we will be able to manage all rituals at Sydney in a quite unknown place and strange atmosphere.

We were totally unaware of the laws and legal formalities  of  Australia.

And  in this miserable situation , Mr. Lawrence Uday Prakash and Mrs.Sharda Prakash  from Sahara  Funerals  came to us as  a real SAHARA (  Helping hands from God  ).

They stood with us just like a brother & family during our difficult time.

He managed to get all the documents required from Government authorities  which  would have taken days if they were not there to help us.

It was only because of his helping nature that we could  have Darshan of our daughter prior to funeral.

It was due to  his brilliant and wonderful techniques that we saw our daughter’s natural looking lively smiling face as if she would just speak to us. It was  excellent  and perfect  technique. We realized  this magic maneuver only after we came to know about nature of cruel injuries  on my daughter’s  face and body.

They made arrangements available at funeral process allowing us to spend some time with our daughter.

I don’t think  the funeral of our daughter Purvi could have been carried out better than this even at India.

We are grateful to you for all these favors and courtesies and Sahara  offered to us in our miserable situation. We thank Sahara Funeral from the bottom our heart and wish God will keep them helping people like us.

August 2013

Asha Maharaj & Family

The word SAHARA in the Hindi language means support and that is exactly what you both provided in our darkest days. You provided support and much more.

What an appropriate name for a great service provider … SAHARA

My children and I would like to thank you both, Sharda and Lawrence, for the excellent manner in which you conducted the funeral services for my husband.

We cannot tell you how much it meant to have people like you around at such a difficult time in our lives.

There was an air of calmness and efficiency in both of you. Right from the beginning we felt we were in very good hands. In our darkest hour you were like a shining beacon that helped us navigate this most difficult path.

Your manner was very comforting and supportive and at the same time very respectful. We were very impressed with the high level of professionalism shown by you and we were grateful for the advice, care and support you gave. You guided us gently throughout the whole process with sensitivity.

Nothing was too difficult for you. Your attention to detail with every aspect of the funeral arrangement was very much appreciated by our family.

We cannot thank you enough for the excellent service you provided and we are pleased that we used your services.

We will have no hesitation in recommending your first class company SAHARA Funerals to other grieving families

Asha Maharaj & Family

March 2015

Dr Yogendra Narayan

Dear Prakash and Sharda,

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for the very personalised service you provided from time of notification of our mothers death to the completion of funeral and associated post-cremation Hindu rituals. At no time did we feel alone. Your sensitivity to our needs, approach and demeanor  was highly professional at all times. You gave us nothing short of excellence in service , compassion and respect.

We acknowledge with deep sense of humility that you walked the extra mile in the time of our need to assist us and considerably reduce our distress as we grieved and farewelled our mother, mother-law and grandmother on her final journey.

We are very pleased to recommend your service unreservedly to others.

With best wishes

Yogendra, Neelam, Chrishneel and Channelle Narayan
Blacktown NSW

June 2014

Edward Kumar, Teacher / Computing Network Administrator

Hello Lawrence,

I did not get a chance to thank you personally on the funeral day. Thank you for all your guidance and help during last week. I personally found you really professional in handling the process from the first meeting till the end. A big thank you for helping out in the visa application process. I appreciate your help.

Special thanks to your wife for helping out at the funeral procession with the slide show and keeping the crowd control. Please pass on the message.

Thank you

May 2015

Reena Goundar

Dear Uncle Lawrence and Aunty Sharda, words can’t express how grateful I and my family are to you both for the kindness and patience you both showed at our time of need. We are all still trying to deal with dad’s passing but I just wanted you to both know how thankful we are to Sahara Funerals and to you personally for being there and showing the professionalism and warmth you displayed in ensuring that dad’s funeral was not only done with dignity but with respect. So I personally want to thank you both. Kindest regards Reena

August 2015

Amith, Shindhu Nadan

Dear Uncle Lawrence and Aunty Sharda

On behalf of the family, we would like to say thank you for your support and guidance during a very difficult time for our family.

We received so many compliments from friends and family about how beautiful the service was, how everything ran smoothly and every comments about the quality of the coffin and hearse.

We appreciate all your hard work in making the day a time we could all celebrate the life of our father and mourn the loss of a loved one.

God bless

April 2015

Kusha Nandani Maharaj

We would like to thank Lawrence and Sharda for conducting my father in laws (kamal maharajs) funeral with such attention to detail. Everything was handled with the upmost professionalism and friendliness by sahara funerals. It was a particularly stressful time and we were glad that Lawrence and sharda took ownership from the minute we contacted them. Everything was handled with compassion and understanding and the process was thoroughly explained. The whole event was a credit to your company and it went off seamlessly. We are so pleased that we used your company and will have no hesitation in recommending your first class service to other grieving families.

On behalf of my entire family thank you once again Sharda and Lawrence.

September 2015

Ronni Kahn

Dear Uday and Shada

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of us and enabling a beautiful ceremony for our beloved Jo With gratitude From all our family Ronni

Ronni Kahn
Founder & CEO OzHarvest

October 2015

Nadav Kahn

Dear Uday and Sharda

Thank you so much for your incredible service and support at our time of loss this year. The way in which you took care of everything, honouring all our requests, and taking such extra special care was really so moving, and there are no words to truly express our gratitude during such a difficult time. Know that we will never forget the kindness, sweetness, professionalism and humanity with which you assisted us.

On behalf of my entire family, our kindest wishes for Sahara Funerals and you both.

Nadav Kahn

October 2015

Nand Kumar

Hi Sharda,

I am the son of Pandit Brij Bhushan Lal.

My family and I would like to thank you, you came and very professionally made my family and relatives view the last prayers. You have a very good personality and PR.

I will definitely recommend Sahara Funerals.

God bless you and your family.

Kind regards.
NAND Kumar

November 2015

Loreen Lal

A Big Thank You to you Sharda & Lawrence for doing my mausa’s funeral. As per our scheduled time, all rituals & service went accordingly.

It was nice meeting you both & personally I greatly appreciated your humble nature and personality & ofcourse patience in all our meetings.

Thank you once again & may your business have prosperity always!!

Best Regards
Loreen, Arun & Family

January 2016

Hirdesh Narayan

Had a great experience with Sahara Funerals. Very professional and organised service with the personal touch. Became part of our family from the start and to the end of all rituals.


January 2016

Ravi Dayal

Thank you Lawrence and Sharda

Truly appreciate the attention to detail and the professional manner in which the service was planned and executed by Sahara Funerals.

Warm regards
Ravi Dayal

February 2016

Srini Vasudevan

Very caring and professional. Witnessed both Lawrence and Sharda doing their work at a funeral and if there is anyone that should have handled the duties, I’m glad it was Sahara. Keep up the efforts team.

March 2016

Minal Supri

Sahara Funerals conducted the Hindu funeral of my Nana, the Late Mr DP Singh on behalf of my parents, Mr & Mrs Vaarwerk. Flying in from the UK to be with my Nana in his final days was a very difficult and emotional task for my husband Tarlochan and I. Sahara Funerals ensured that the entire cultural, ceremonial and legal process of my Nana’s last rites was completed in the utmost professional and timely manner. Additionally, both Lawrence and Sharda took the time to explain the process of a Hindu funeral to my Sikh husband so he could identify the significance of each individual Hindu ritual. This kind act was well and truly beyond the scope and indeed capability of most funeral directors but Lawrence and Sharda knew it would help my husband understand and participate fully in my Nana’s funeral. This small act of kindness sums up the excellent personalised and family based service of Sahara Funerals perfectly. My parents, husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Sahara Funerals for all types of funeral services

March 2016

Jas Toor

Hi Sharda lovely to have chatted with you y’day and thank you once again for how you and your husband showed empathy and compassion and dealt with us very professionally. Very much appreciated.
Hope to see you Monday at our prayers if time allows you.

Thanks Jas x

March 2016

Renuka Singh

We are deeply touched by the service Sahara Funeral delivered for our father Bijay Chandra on 17th February. Thank you for honoring him and capturing his spirit with such heartfelt service. You made us feel that even though Dad was gone – he had a finally respect to the end of his journey. Your care and comfort is very admirable towards the grieving family.

Lawrence and Sharda God bless you both and always keeps you happy.

April 2016

Rosie Kisun

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love and support you gave to us during the time of our dads passing. Your professionalism and expertise in making sure everything ran smoothly and on time made the memorial absolutely magical. We could not have done it without you.

thank you❤

May 2016

Justin Kumar

Hi, I would just like to say that your level of service and professionalism for my grandmother Chameli Narayan was one of the best we have ever seen. Every step of the way you both did an incredible job and my whole family where extremely happy that you allowed us to say goodbye in this manner as you know this was a very difficult time for us but you guys made this so easy and we really do thank you from the bottom of our hearts The funeral director went above and beyond for us and even in the last stage he allowed myself to view the cremation also and was able to give all of the correct instructions and send my grandmother away with dignity and peace.

Thank you for this we will never forget it.

Justin Kumar

May 2016

Lalita Singh

Sahara Funerals approaches pre-funeral discussions regarding funeral arrangements with compassion and dignity because they understand how difficult a loss can be. Always respectful of the wishes of a loved one, your family and your finances, Sahara Funerals patiently speak about many options available. The directors at Sahara Funerals are caring and gentle, leading through the painful process of arranging funeral service. Sahara Funeral’s service area is large, beautiful and clean. A class act – excellent from start to finish, I recommend them highly. No other funeral directors can match what Sahara Funerals do.

Thank you Sharda and Lawrence. Sahara Funerals – only a phone call away.

May 2016

Amu Kamble

It was very emotional for us to organize my friend ‘s funeral ( Miss Jigna Bhatia), but the way sharda and prakash from sahara funerals helped and guided us was tremendously great. I don’t think so anyone could have show that much empathy towards the situations we were in.

Thanks so much Sharda and Prakash.

May 2016

Saras Maharaj

I travelled from USA to attend my Mausa, Mr Ram Rattan Prasad’s funeral yesterday the 18th of May. I was really amazed how gracefully the whole memorial service was conducted. The personal attention extended by Sharda and Lawrence to the family and friends during this grieving time made all the difference. The attendance was huge, and the ease in which everyone was accommodated without any flows made it so much easier to keep the tight schedule. We sincerely thank Sahara Funerals for conducting this last ritual service for us with such compassion and with their personal touch. May you continue this great service for years to come.

Thank you.

May 2016

Ajeet Oberoi

Dear Sharda and Uday

Before I met you I had no idea how everything is going to be done. You made everything so easy. I am very much at peace that everything was done so promptly, peacefully and professionally by you both with so much respect to my beloved late husband. He is definitely resting in peace and no words are enough to express my gratitude to you both.

God Bless you always and continue your kind services as long as you can.

Ajeet Oberoi

July 2016

Shimran Kumar

Hi, just so you both know, you guys did a very awesome work on Mohit’s ceremony. I don’t have words to describe what satisfaction you gave our family and with your guys lead we had the most hardest time off our lives painless.

God bless you and your staff.

If ever you guys decide to travel to USA, please be in contact, our house is your house.

Thanks once again for everything.

August 2016

DR Dorasammy Rao

Dear Mr. Prakash,

I have taught the topic of service industries at the University level and I can say without exaggeration that the way you had organised my late son’s funeral can be described as superb, and faultless to the point.

On a personal level, I have admired your  extreme humility and compassion, qualities which are rare among  businessmen, particularly those with Fiji background.

All the best to you and your business.

February 2017

DR : Kavitha Shetty

In our hour of need, Mr and Mrs Uday Prakash not only took complete charge of the funeral arrangements but also filled in as family. Without having to word it, they sensed our despair and instinctively created a warm envelope of reassurance around us. We felt that we weren’t alone in our moment of grief. In Mr and Mrs Uday Prakash we found strength to go through the immaculately organised funeral proceedings. Everyone at the funeral had great things to say about the arrangements and all the credit goes to their professional demeanour with the very distinct personal touch, which was calm, reassuring, dignified, respectful and sensitive.  Words wouldn’t do justice to the gratitude we feel. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts and pray that God blesses them with the strength to continue with this noble endeavour. On the same note I would strongly recommend their services without any hesitation.

May 2017

Vindu Maharaj

Dear Sharda and Lawrence

On behalf of my self, my husband Ambika and my family; thank you for your service during the sad passing of our beloved father, Mr Chandrika Prasad Maharaj of Macquarie Links, NSW.

You have been extremely professional and handled our father and our family with respect and dignity. You took the worry out of our hands and organised everything in great detail. Your personal touch has been noted by our family and is greatly appreciated.

The funeral was beautiful and it was exactly how our father would have wanted.

June 2017

Susan workman

I like to say thankyou to Sahara funerals for there professionalism and compassion on the day of my fathers funeral I highly recommend Sahara funerals. Susan workman

June 2017

Yogendra Pal

When we suddenly lost our younger brother so early in his life, in all our shock and grief appeared two absolute angels in the form of Lawrence and Sharda. They are a courteous, considerate, compassionate and thoroughly professional couple, who took the time to explain all the details and kept us informed along the way. Their extensive experience in the specific requirements of a hindu ceremony made the difficult few days all that much more bearable.

Lawrence and Sharda’s ability to understand our grief and provide that caring touch at the time of our greatest need has endeared them and the Sahara team to us. We may have lost a brother, but have gained a brother and sister in the process. May god bless this couple and their team for the service they provide to the community.

October 2017

Neville Nath

Thank you so much for your help during the farewell process.

I would like to also thank you on behalf of my family,relatives and friends for the excellent service you provided during Kasturi’s farewell.

June 2017

Augustine and Family

Dear Prakash and Sharda,

On behalf of my family and friends, I want to thank you both for the wonderful support and services you had given us.

My aunt was on life support and the Doctor’s told us that she does not have long to live. I started calling different funeral services for a  quote to Repatriate my aunt after her death.

Finally , I came across Sahara Funerals and their quote was almost half the price to other funeral . I called Prakash and he promptly agreed to meet me in the hospital.  I met Prakash and Sharda

at the hospital. They were very understanding and comforting. They got all the paper work and helped me in filling up.

My aunt passed away in a couple of days. From the time of her death,  Prakash and Sharda came home and  took complete control of the situation. They did the complete Repatriation process of sending aunt to India. They arranged for embalmment, organised with the Indian consulate for the passport cancellation, arranged for death certificate etc.  After this, they organised with the airlines and the airport. They did a follow up to ensure, my aunt’s body reached India without any hassles.

In short, the services offered by Prakash and Sharda were not only professional but also understanding and caring.

My family and myself would highly recommend Sahara Funerals without any hesitations.


Augustine and Family

Rooty Hill

October 2017

Nihar & Payal Desai

Dear Udayji and Shardaji,

Please accept our sincere thanks for funeral service conducted for my mum Manjula Desai on Friday 29 September 2017 at Castlebrook Memorial by Sahara Funerals. The services provided by you from the day I contacted Udayji (Lawrence) to make arrangements to the final moment till when the service was concluded; was full of consideration and sympathy for all the family members.The fact that the service was very dignified and respectful was also echoed in the feedback provided by family and friends present on the day.

Lawrence not only explained the procedure in event of demise of a family member but took over from us the moment we informed about Mum’s passing away last week. This put us at ease as we were able to concentrate on other matters of importance at the time of grief and ensure that we could follow mum’s last wishes.

Being of Hindu faith, you took care that all aspects relating to our faith were followed during the funeral. You also assisted in providing services of a hindu priest who performed last rites for mum on the day of the funeral and who will also perform religious ceremony in the coming days to ensure that mum is at peace.

My wife and daughter also extend their best wishes to you and hope that you continue to provide services to other hindu families in their hour of need, who will be greatly benefited from the services provided by you.

November 2017

Mohen and Prishanta Govender

Dear Lawrence and Sharda

Thank you for the beautiful service rendered for my darling mum Indira.
Friends and family have spoken about the dignity of the service and we will always be most grateful for that.

I am sure, going forward, more South African families will entrust you with farewells for their loved ones in the future. Wishing the two of you the very best.

November 2017

From Vicki Estay

Dear Sharda and Lawrence,

Our family cannot thank you both enough for the care and   tenderness you showed us during our time of grief. Your guidance was invaluable throughout the whole process. Your assurance and attention to the details resulted in a beautiful ceremony that we know our father would have loved and appreciated.

The little gestures such as providing a lunch pack for our diabetic mother was very touching. It is these gestures which sometimes goes unnoticed but very much appreciated. I personally cannot   express in words how much you helped me in getting organised to ensure it was a perfect farewell. You were always available even during odd hours of the night to answer my questions and guide me through this difficult time. You were very accommodating and went beyond my expectations of being flexible and accommodating to the many changes I made.

Thank you for the professionalism you both showed us, your       personal approach, understanding and most of all your patience in our time of grief. I could not have done it without both of you by my side at every step of the way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vicki Estay

December 2017

Ankit Gorakhia

Dear Uday Prakash and Sharda,

I would like to thank you for your kind support and guidance during our difficult time.

Deceased Dilip Kansara’s body reached on time and there was no complication in collecting from Ahmadabad airport.

All the rituals were performed and I am sure his soul is now with almighty resting in peace.

His wife, daughter and his immediate family has asked me to thank you for your kind support to repatriate him and allowed his last viewing before he the final rituals.

Again thank you very much for your help.

We will require your further assistance in doing some paper work for the insurance work and I will email you saperatly for that once information is handy.

Regards, Ankit Gorakhia

January 2018


I contacted Sahara funerals at an unfortunate situation where my friend’s husband passed away. He had to be repatriated to India. The situation was even more critical as he was a traveller and did not have a family here. In the current world, where you see job as job, Shrada and Uday valued the situation and were empathetic.

They met me on Sunday to sort of things for the family which they could have easily avoided saying that it’s a weekend. They even took an extra mile and worked along side the insurance company. Their first priority was to send the person back to India. It has been few weeks since the repatriation and they have been patiently waiting for the fund release. They never pressurised me on it. Honestly, we rarely find people like Shrada and Uday. They definitely see it more than a business. If not them, the process wouldn’t have been smooth. Thanks Sahara Funerals

January 2018

Susan Mudliar

Dear Lawrence and Sharda, thank you so much for such a lovely service today for my Dad. The entire event was so nice and carried out very thoughtfully, we are all very appreciative. Best regards Susan and family

January 2018

Darshil Shah

Dear Uday and Sharda Prakash,

I am writing to you to provide my sincere gratitude for a recent funeral service held by Sahara Funerals for my grandfather Upendra G. Shah. It was held on Saturday 27th January at 10:30. Everyone at Sahara Funerals guided us with grace and sincerity during the ceremony, the service, and all other procedures. This was our family’s first funeral for a close member of a family in Australia. I can speak on behalf of everyone in our family when I say that we are incredibly grateful for the great care and professionalism exhibited. This ultimately allowed us to grieve and reflect upon the life of my grandfather whilst knowing that someone was out there helping us throughout the way.

We are all still grieving for our loss but will remember the entire funeral service with warmth and sincerity

February 2018

Sophia Salama

“Sahara were there for me from the very beginning. They went above and beyond during our difficult time. At all times they were professional, understanding, compassionate & curtious. I highly recommend them.”

I hope that helps your company as my family and I were very happy!!!
Kind regards, Sophia Salama.

February 2018

Vincent Frank Mante

Prior to meeting Lawrence and Sharda we met with another Funeral Company for a quote, by choosing Sahara we were able to save thousand’s, and my dad’s last wish was to be buried in the Philippines and so we had to think about the cost of plane tickets, and so this extra money helped a lot.

Looking back, more importantly, Sahara were able to offer such a unique and personalized service. The insurance company was giving us a hard time, and Lawrence knew exactly what steps to take and was able to help us.

You know in times of crisis, it’s important that someone in the family is an immovable rock that everyone can lean on. And while I tried my best to be that immovable rock, Lawrence and Sharda were being that for me.

At the end of the ceremony, I still remember the tears in Sharda’s eyes when I gave her the biggest thank you hug of my life. I will never forget that.

If you’r thinking about the dollars involved with a funeral, I feel you. These guys are the perfect mix of both quality heart felt service and value. I honestly think they should be charging more for their personalized service, but Lawrence and Sharda know the financial struggles of the people of Sydney and the local area.

Sharda and Lawrence are truly doing God’s work. I welcome any person to use

Vincent Frank Mante

1st July 2018

Divesh Prasad

We would like to thank Lawrence & Sharda for conducting my father (Bineshri Prasad) funeral with such attention to detail. Everything was handled with care by Sahara Funerals. Lawrence & Sharda dedicated their time from day one. Everything was handled with upmost compassion and understanding and the process was thoroughly explained.

We are so pleased that we used your company and will have no hesitation in recommending your first class service to other families. On behalf of my entire family thank you once again Lawrence & Sharda.

Divesh Prasad



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