Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney


Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney

Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney

Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney Services By Sahara Funerals

Our Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney and pre-ceremony services give you and your family the chance to say your final farewells – in a peaceful and dignified manner. We make timely preparations for the pre-ceremony rituals and choosing a place of worship for cremation to take place. This ensures the soul is given guidance into the next life, which provides closure for your friends and family.

Spiritual Guidance and Support for Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney

With our Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney, we give you options to suit your personal beliefs and wishes. Your funeral director will assist you in appointing a Buddhist, Hindu’s or Christian priest or other spiritual figure, to aid in conducting pre-ceremony rituals and the final service. If requested by family members, you may also appoint your own spiritual figure to perform these services.

Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney Ritual Ceremonies

We offer suggestions for places of worship around Sydney and other surrounding suburbs, where Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney rituals and the final cremation service can be conducted in a private and peaceful setting. If you wish to have a pre-funeral service at your home, this can also be arranged at your request.

At the beginning of a ritual, oil lamps are burned and family photographs are placed around the deceased individual. With the attendance of friends and family, the priest recites sections from the words of Buddha and quotations from the Sutras.

If you wish to have multiple ceremonies over a week period – within the deceased household and the funeral home – we can arrange any services you need for each session.

Sri Lankan Cremations Sydney

Your Sri Lankan funeral director Sydney will prepare the necessary arrangements for the final cremation ceremony. We consult family members on their desired location for the service to take place. And we offer transportation services for guests who are unable to arrive on their own.

In accordance with Buddhist, Hindu and Christian Funeral traditions, a simple meal of rice, curries and other cooked dishes are provided to guests, which serves as a token of gratitude for their attendance. Other meals and dishes can also be provided upon request.

After the Sri Lankan Funerals Sydney Services

In the wake of the final ceremony, our friendly team will stay in contact with you to ensure your family and friends are in good spirit. If you wish to have a memorial service 90 days after the passing of a loved one – or as part of a yearly ritual – your funeral director can make these arrangements for you.

We also offer ongoing bereavement support for family members, who may be struggling to cope with the loss of their loved one. We offer a caring and compassionate hand throughout this difficult time, so you can have the time and space needed to grieve.

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