Nepalese Funerals Sydney


Nepalese Funerals Sydney

Nepalese Funerals Sydney

Nepalese Funerals Sydney By Sahara Funerals

At Sahara Indian Funeral Services Sydney, we give your loved one a timely, peaceful and dignified farewell. We understand the importance of guiding the soul into the next life and giving family members the chance to say their final goodbyes. Our Nepalese Funerals Sydney are arranged by professional and experienced funeral directors, who respect the traditional values of Hindu and Buddhist faiths.

Spiritual Guidance by Hindu and Buddhist Figures for Nepalese Funerals Sydney Services

To prepare for the upcoming rituals and ceremonies, we ask family members if they need a Buddhist Lama or Hindu priest chosen for Nepalese Funerals Sydney Services. We have connections with prominent spiritual figures across Sydney and surrounding suburbs, who perform traditional hymns and rituals to assist in the hastened departure of the soul.

These ceremonies and elaborate rituals are performed in the comfort of a traditional place of worship, either in a private outdoor setting or within its own walls. Friends and family are invited to these events, where hymns and religious text are chanted to guide the soul onto their next journey.

Nepalese Cremations Sydney

In spirit of the Hindu faith, our Nepalese Funerals Sydney are organized at the soonest possible date. This prevents the soul from lingering within our world and prepares them for immediate departure into the next life. Your funeral director can arrange the ceremony to take place in a Hindu holy shrine, or another location of your choosing. Before the final cremation takes place, friends and family have the opportunity to give their offerings and say farewell to the departed individual.

Due to the influence of Hindu customs, Buddhist cremations are performed in a similar manner. Accompanied by friends and family, the Buddhist Lamas perform chants, rituals and read the last rites – before the cremation process begins.


If family members wish to have their loved one buried interstate or overseas, we can arrange repatriation services to be conducted on your behalf. Your funeral director will prepare the necessary paperwork and legal documents, in order for the transportation process to go smoothly and efficiently.

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At Sahara Indian Funerals Sydney, we take care of the formalities so you don’t have to. Through the guidance of an experienced funeral director, we accommodate for the needs of your family and meet the wishes of your departed loved one.

To arrange a fond farewell for your beloved, please call us on +61 (2) 9676 8338 and we’ll gladly help you. For all enquiries about our Nepalese Funerals and other services, you can also email us at or fill out our online contact form here.

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