Indian Funeral Directors in Blacktown, Sydney


Indian Funeral Directors in Blacktown, Sydney

Funeral Directors Blacktown

Indian Funeral Directors in Blacktown, Sydney

In your greatest time of need, an experienced funeral director can take the stress out of arranging a funeral service. Our Indian Funeral Directors in Blacktown, Sydney have been arranging and conducting Indian, Hindu, Christian and Sikh funerals for over 10 years. We cater towards traditional Hindu, Sikh and Christian practices and any additional requests made by the deceased individual.

Services Performed by Your Indian Funeral Director in Blacktown, Sydney

When you first meet your Indian funeral director in Blacktown, Sydney, they will take you through each step of the arrangement process. Your funeral director will be responsible for arranging:

  • Obtaining death certificates and other legal documents from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • 24/7 support and advice from your funeral director
  • Bereavement support
  • Coffin and casket selection to suit your budget
  • Arranging transportation of the deceased individual
  • Booking appointments for all necessary venues and place of cremation
  • Embalming, preparation and dressing the deceased individual
  • Flower arrangements by a professional florist
  • Preparing visual presentations and sound systems
  • Arranging death and funeral notices in local print media

Hindu Funerals in Blacktown, Sydney

Our Hindu Funeral Directors in Blacktown, Sydney are experienced in arranging and conducting a Hindu funeral service. We closely follow traditional Hindu practices and cater for any special requests made by the deceased individual. We provide you with suggestions for cremation venues and we arrange transportation for people who need assistance reaching the ceremony venue.

Christian Funerals in Blacktown, Sydney

At Sahara Funerals, we cater towards providing an authentic and traditional Christian Funeral service in Sydney. You may choose a religious leader to conduct the final service for you, or we can appoint a priest on your behalf. Readings, sermons, prayers and personal readings are all conducted according to the Christian faith. We also cater for any special requests made by the deceased individual or appointed


If your dearly departed needs to be transported interstate or overseas, our Indian Funeral Directors in Blacktown, Sydney will organise all the necessary arrangements for you. We prepare the legal documents, make sure the coffin meets international travel standards and follow-up with interstate or overseas family members. This is to ensure the repatriation process goes smoothly and your dearly departed arrives at their destination on-time.

About Blacktown

Blacktown is a densely populated region of Sydney, which is comprised of interconnected suburbs, a thriving commercial district and industrial development. Blacktown is ideal for new families and elderly residents settling down for retirement. There are many popular landmarks, community services and places of interest to see in Blacktown. Our Funeral Directors Blacktown are proud to be serving the Blacktown community and helping local residents in their times of need.

For all enquiries regarding our Funeral Directors Blacktown, call us on +61 (2) 9676 8338 or +61 (0) 422 728 588. Or fill out our online form here and send us your enquiry.

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