Hindu Funeral Process at Sahara Funerals Sydney

Sahara Funeral in Sydney offers compassionate Hindu funeral services for the Hinduism community in Sydney. Our highly trained and professional team members here at Sahara Funeral know that a sacred Hindu funeral represents the completion of your loved one’s life so we make sure that the Hindu Funeral Process is followed correctly.

Funerals are usually looked upon as a sad and upsetting occasion, however, here at Sahara Indian Funerals, we like to think of a funeral as a way to celebrate and remember your loved one’s life and existence.

Usually, cremation is the preferred method for Hindu funerals as it the burning of the deceased signifies that the release of the spirit and the flames represent the creator Brahma. However, there are instances were burial is allowed as well as an open casket for viewing for the deceased family and friends.

Hindu Funeral Process

Hindu Funeral Process

Hindu Funeral Process

Sahara Funerals in Sydney understand that the death of a loved one is a difficult time for all concerned, therefore we are very sensitive to the grieving process of the Hindu faith. Many religious and cultural sensitivities that relate to the Hindu faith and the deceased of a loved one can include the following Hindu funeral process:

  1. An Autopsy: Hinduism usually views the process of an autopsy as deeply disrespectful to the person who has passed and their loved one’s and family. Usually, people of the Hindu faith prefer not to proceed with an autopsy unless it is mandated by the law to do so. Like most funerals, the family and friends of the deceased show visible signs of grief and loss and are usually encouraged and supported so that the loved one’s of a Hindu funeral can learn to cope with the sense of loss.
  2. Our highly experienced team members here at Sahara Funerals Sydney know that it is extremely important for the deceased to remain modest at all times. Traditionally the deceased is bathed and then dressed, usually only by people of the same sex to respect their modesty and dignity. This process and religious custom of Hinduism is absolutely essential to the care and handling of the deceased.
  3. In general Hindu’s are cremated except for certain circumstances, however, usually, children under the age of three years of age are buried during a Hindu funeral. Hindu funerals usually take place within a 24 hour period of the death and usually a Hindu family will request to transport their loved one to their family home, this usually takes place after the funeral home and the crematorium. After the cremation takes place the family of the deceased will request the ashes for future Hindu spiritual ceremonies. Quite often the family of the deceased will scatter the ashes in a spiritual place of significance such as a river or place of significance. For more information regarding the cremation process of a Hindu funeral, please feel free to contact us anytime here at Sahara Indian Funeral Sydney.
  4. When attending a Hindu Funeral in Sydney you will need to be aware of other religious sensitivities such as the removal of footwear before entering places of Hindu worship and Hindu homes. Removing your footwear prior to entering these places of Hindu worship shows sensitivity and respect to the family and friends of the deceased.

To Know More Information About Hindu Funeral Process, call Sahara Funerals to ask any question.

*Please note that the above information provided here about Hindu funerals is general guidelines, to find out more information regarding Hindu funeral in Sydney, please contact Sahara Funeral in Sydney directly or you can contact your Hindu association in your individual state.

If you would like to find out more detailed information about a Hindu Funeral in Sydney, please feel free to contact us here at Sahara Funerals and we will be only too happy in assisting you in every possible way we can.

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