Choosing a Casket or Coffin For Funeral Service in Sydney

Choosing a Casket or Coffin For Funeral Service in Sydney

Sahara Funeral’s Sydney is here to help guide you through the whole planning process of your loved one’s funeral. We understand that there are many decisions are to be made and that one of them is choosing the right casket or coffin.

Choosing a coffin or casket is a personal choice and one that often reflects your budget and circumstances. Sahara Funeral’s Sydney can show and advise you coffins and caskets that cater to your needs.

Many families request special designs and features that they would like to be customized on the casket/coffin. Choosing a coffin is a very personal decision, usually the coffin/casket reflects our loved ones unique life they have lived and their personality. This is where Sahara Indian Funerals Services Sydney can help assist you, as we will endeavour to meet your requests wherever possible.

Whichever coffin/casket option you choose, rest assured that you are choosing quality materials that come in various colours and finishes. To celebrate your loved ones funeral, you may also like to consider choosing from n extensive range of LIFE ART coffins and caskets. You can choose from our design gallery and personalise and decorate the coffin to make it truly unique, personal and special. LIFE ART coffins/caskets are made from recycled sustainable materials that can be printed in high quality finishes.

Sahara Indian Funerals Services Sydney, can help point you in the right direction and help make those difficult decisions when needed.

Typical Features Of A Coffin

The typical features of a coffin is that it’s usually tapered and narrow at the head and widest at the shoulders and then tapered towards the feet. They are traditionally made from timber veneer, custom wood and composite board. They come in an extensive range of colours and finishes.

Typical Features Of A Casket

Caskets are usually rectangular in shape and have a hinged lid. They are usually made from solid timber and are available to choose from an extensive range of colour and finishes.