Prepaid Funerals Sydney

Prepaid Funerals Sydney At Sahara Funerals – 5 Great Reason Why!

At Sahara Indian Funerals Services in Sydney we know that not much thought goes into a planning a funeral until much later in your life! However planning in advance and prepaying your funeral makes great financial sense and eases the burden off your love ones financially and emotionally.

Let’s look at Five Good Reasons Why Prepaying Funerals Makes Sense

1. Beat Rising Costs, Pay in Advance

By paying in advance you can today’s price and save on things such as inflation and premiums that seem to rise each and every year! At Sahara Funeral Services we offer flexible funeral plans that allow you to pay in easy installments or simply a straight out upfront purchase. When purchasing a prepaid funeral you are also exempt from Centrelink assets test, this may help you qualify for a pension or part pension, please contact Centrelink for additional information.

2. One of Payment

When planning ahead by purchasing a prepaid funeral, you have the opportunity to only pay for what you actually want. There are no additional fees or costs on type of what you decide and pay upon. You won’t face any additional premiums, so both you and your family no exactly where you stand financially. Once you have paid in full, you will know exactly what you will be receiving and won’t face any further costs unless additional inclusions are added, in that case the total amount will be advised and added to the total cost.

3.Peace of Mind, No Need to Worry!

When the time comes your funeral will be planned and paid for! There will be no need to worry about how your family and friends will be able to cope with your passing. Everything would have been preplanned and prepaid for so they won’t be left with any financial stress.

4. Simple Process – No Paper work or Health Checks

The whole process of preplanning and prepaying for your funeral in advance is simple and quick! Here at Sahara Indian Funeral Services in Sydney we make your experience an easy one! We walk

5.Tailor Your Plan to Meet Your Needs.

By prepaying your funeral, you will be able to meet all of your needs, that means you receive the funeral you would like for the price that suits you, all your needs are met!

You will be able to pre – organize your funeral just the way you would like it by choosing the flowers you would like, the burial site, any music you may like to be played at the service, what type of priest or civil servant best suits you personal and possibly religious needs and the venue you would like it to be held at.

Pre-planning and paying can furthermore give you the flexibility to relieve your loved ones of making all of these choices and more at a time that can be most upset and vulnerable.

To find out more information on how you can arrange and prepay for your funeral at Sahara Funeral Services, please contact our funeral director or one of our friendly and helpful team members.

Our professional, understanding and caring team can walk you through all of your options so that there you will be able to rest in peace knowing that it has all been taken care of.