Non Religious Funerals Sydney

Non Religious Funerals Sydney

Welcome to Sahara Indian Funerals Sydney! When it comes to celebrating your loved one’s life, the loved one’s of the deceased always want to honour them the best way they know how.

Not all funerals are religious funerals, in fact may families wish to honour their loved one through a celebration of life service. This means that the service is not any type of religious denomination, rather a service that focuses on celebration and personalisation of the deceased.

Accommodating All Walks of Life

At Sahara Indian Funerals, we are proud to say they we welcome and accommodate all walks of life, religions and backgrounds. As modern day society is forever changing, not all Australians choose to belong or worship within a certain religious domination. Non religious funerals are a great way to honour your loved ones, especially if they were not religious or did not practice any type of religion.

Planning a non religious service can be just as daunting to some families, just as much as planning a more traditional religious service. However it need not be, Sahara Indian funeral are a highly trained team of professional that can work with you closely in planning the best possible celebration of life funeral for you loved one’s send off.

Friendly & Helpful Staff to Help You Plan

Step by step our friendly helpful funereal director and staff will work with you in planning everything from beginning to end. We can advise suitable resting places, appropriate music and give you hints, tips and guidance in how and when everything should and could take place. Sahara Funerals are extremely flexible and will and can work with closely to achieve the exact send off for your loved one that you were looking for.

Hints & Tips on Planning a Non Religious Funerals in Sydney

Sahara Indian Funerals in Sydney understands that planning a service that has absolutely no limits to honour your loved ones life is extremely important! In fact it quite often known that funerals are mostly for the living, the loved ones and friends that are left behind. Less traditional services have certainly come a long way and have been proven to be a complete celebration and a total honour!

To Begin With

Just like traditional funerals, to begin with obtaining a death certificate is the first step within the commencement process. Once the death certificate has been issued, you are then able to contact the Funeral Director at Sahara Indian Funerals in Sydney. The next stage is to commence discussions on what type of funeral service you require, in this case a non religious funeral service.

During this initial stage you will discuss topics such as your loved ones personality and personal wishes, if any. We will talk about their life, how they liked to live it and any special achievements they had throughout their life. You can include as little or as much information you like, all of this information helps to celebrate the unique life they led.

Choosing the right Location for the Service

Quite often religions such as the Christian faith will still choose a burial site in a religious ceremony, even when choosing not to have a religious funeral service. If families of non religious families that choose not bury in a religious cemetery, Sahara Indian Funerals can offer alternate suggestions. We can choose a beautiful location for you, one that will hold a special place in your heart!

The Loved Ones Wishes

In many cases, the families of the deceased will quite often have their own ideas on how they would like the funeral to proceed, this is usually due to the fact that their loved one had expressed their wishes prior to the passing. Sahara Indian Funerals are more than happy to accommodate your loved ones wishes, in fact we welcome them with open arms and will work with you the best way we can to accommodate all of the major and minor details to make sure that your loved ones send off is the very best it can be!

Opting for a No Service Funeral

In some cases, your loved one may have requested a No Service, No Attendance Funeral. In this case we will work with you to make sure that your requests are met at all times. In some cases, due to financial circumstances, a budget solution is quite often needed and respected, this No Service Option may be an option for some.

From Beginning to End

Regardless of your situation, Sahara Indian Funerals in Sydney are here for you from beginning to end. Our funeral director will help you as quickly as they can, with compassion and kindness at all times! We can arrange the transfer of the deceased from the place of death and then proceed to make all of the necessary documentation that will be required in a legal sense.

Please feel free to call us today and discuss with a funeral director on how we can help you plan a non religious funeral service for you loved one today! We are here ready to take your call and help you immediately!

From the team at Sahara Indian Funerals in Sydney