How to Prepare a Death Notice For a Newspaper

How to Prepare a Death Notice For a Newspaper

When a loved one has passed away, usually a death notice is placed in the newspaper to announce the passing of the individual. This notice is paid for by the family and is the responsibility of the family, however here at Sahara Indian Funerals in Sydney, we are more than happy to help guide you through that process if you need our help or expertise.

Our friendly and highly experienced staff can give you informative hints and tips on how you can go about placing the death notice in your local newspaper. We are always here for you, starting from the very initial stages of meeting with you and your family, right through to the very end. So if you have any questions regarding the preparation and placing of the death notice, please let Sahara Indian Funeral Services know.

To begin with, the death notice usually contains information such as the main details of the funeral. The funeral notice should mention the name of the deceased, the date, time and where the location of the service and will be held.

The funeral notice may also contain other information such as the cause of death and the names of the surviving members of the family. Usually the information that is displayed in the newspaper is the responsibility of the person placing and paying for the ad, so the information should be as accurate as possible.

If some reason, you are having difficulty placing an ad in the paper, please speak to the funeral director at Sahara Indian Funerals so that we can place the add on your behalf. Our director will meet or talk with you over the phone to discuss the vital information that needs to be included in the death notice.

A basic death notice in the paper will include the deceased person’s full name, the date of the passing, the location of the funeral service and the date and time.

However may families like to include more extensive information about their loved one such as the cause of death and the names of surviving family members.

When preparing a more extensive death you may also like to include detailed information such as the date and location of the deceased birth, their religion, the school they attended, any additional studies they completed, such as university and any accomplishments, awards or honours they may have received.

If the deceased was in a military service such as the army or navy, you can mention their time in service, details of any awards they may have received, or what their time in the military service meant to them or their family.

Many people have hobbies and interests that take up a large part of their life, this includes any sporting clubs they belonged to and any sporting events they liked to enter. If you’re loved one was a very social person and liked to give their time to a charity, you can mention the details of their contribution to that association and how their time spent with that charity benefitted others around them and indirectly within the community. Sahara Funeral Services in Sydney also recommended mentioning any other special accomplishment that has not been mentioned above, however was of great service or accomplishment, sometimes it’s the little things that make that person special!

Quite often the person who has passed away, will leave or ask for special requests, these may include any donations to charities or sending the funeral flowers to a special cause.

Some Basic Hints & Tips For Writing A Death Notice

To begin with, it is extremely important to decide upon whom will be the person responsible for writing the death notice. If you are having difficulties in deciding, or just don’t feel like you can write it, then please remember that the staff here at Sahara Funeral Services in Sydney are here for you and would be able to make arrangements for you on your behalf.

The second thing to consider is that the information on the death notice is completely accurate. You may need to ask family and friends for additional information and details, so that the details are correct.

Also, you may like to look into the cost of the death notice, this may limit the amount of information that you would like to supply. The more information you give will result in costing extra. If your budget is limited, then we recommend that you keep it simple with the basic information such as name of the deceased, the date, time and location of the funeral service. If your budget permits, then adding the extra details of your loved ones life is not necessary, however nice for your family and friends to read.

Sahara Indian Funerals always recommends reading through the death notice prior to submitting it to the newspaper, look for spelling mistakes, grammar and basic errors, this will make it more legible.

Writing a funeral notice can be difficult, especially when it’s a very emotional time within your life, however it need not be done alone. We are always here for you, so if you need any help or guidance please feel free to ask one of our funeral director or one of our friendly and helpful staff members so that we can help guide you through this process.