Funeral Photo Presentations

Funeral Photo Presentations

At Sahara Funeral Services in Sydney, we know and understand that for some families celebrating your loved one’s life is extremely important! A photo presentation is a great way of doing exactly that!

Creating a special photo presentation of memories from your loved one’s life that is then presented in a gallery of images and accompanied to music is a great way to pay tribute and honour the deceased.

Sahara Funerals recommends that around thirty images can be used to music that lasts for around tree minutes would be a good length of time. This time frame is just a guide line for you, of course it can run shorter or go on for a little longer.

Length of Photo Presnetation

If you would like the photo presentation to be of a longer duration, than of course that is fine with us, please let us know so that we can make recommendations. You may also like to consider having your photo presentation run throughout the entire service without music in the background, allow around 35 minutes of photo’s to run in the background to cover the service. This is a great way to honour your loved one and allow your guests to be a part of their life.

Presentation facilities

Most funeral facilities are set up for funeral services that require a DVD player for visual presentations, however in the rare cases that don’t have those facilities, then we can arrange facilities and DVD players for you at an extra cost, please let us know if you will require any assistance in this area and we would only be more than happy to help you.

Helpful Hints

  1. When creating your photo presentation you may wish to consider a few things, one of these is that you will need to burn the Photo pretention to a DVD format and then from there burned onto a DVD disk so that it can be used in a DVD player. Be aware that a CD will not work in this case!
  2. Testing of the DVD prior to the service is recommended, this will rule out any delays or problems on the day of the funeral service. It’s preferable if you can do the testing at the actual venue itself, however if this is simply not possible, then testing the burned DVD on a DVD player prior to use is preferable, please not that the DVD should not be tested on a computer as on the actual day of the service a computer will not be present.
  3. If you have used Microsoft Power point software to compile your photo presentation, once burned on a DVD disk, it most probably won’t play in the DVD player, however you can convert your PowerPoint pretention into a DVD format before you actually burn it onto a disk.
  4. When using a USB flash drive, you will need to check with the venue prior as they may not have the equipment that is appropriate to play the photo presentation video from a flash drive.
  5. Some of the funeral venue’s do have special facilities for laptops that can play your presentation in various formats, however this is not always the case, so please do check with the venue prior to deciding on what format will be suit you on the day.
  6. In the case that you don’t know how to put a photo presentation together, please let Sahara Funeral Services in Sydney know so that we can help you find someone that will be able to complete it all for you. Please note this service is an addition to the funeral service and will incur an extra.
  7. Please allow as much time as possible when having your photo pretention compiled, all images and music will need to be presented in advance so that it can be completed in time.
  8. Please note that Sahara Funeral Services take all due care, however we are not responsible for any video presentation that may not work on the day due to improper formatting or faulty equipment at the facility itself or during the funeral service.

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