Flower Arrangements For Funerals in Sydney

At Sahara Indian Funeral Services Sydney, we help in assisting you choose the right type of flowers that will be required at your loved one’s funeral.

Flowers honour the person who has died and is an important aspect of a funeral service. Adorning the coffin or casket with beautiful flowers is a thoughtful gesture and provides a key focal point to the service.

Sahara Indian Funeral Services Sydney can show you and provide you with an extensive range of floral arrangements. Our extensive range of flowers is available in various types of colour, styles and size.

We can show and advise you on the floral arrangements for the coffin, some of these may include double ended casket sprays in various colour and flower combinations and single ended casket sprays that are smaller in length. Both the double ended and single ended coffin displays can be customized to your choice of colour and flower selection of your choice.

Sahara Indian Funeral Services Sydney also offer alternative flower selection such as a floral cross made up of your choice of flower and colours selection or you may prefer circular wreaths that are made up any colour and flower combination. Circular wreaths represent the circle of life and are an alternative to other flower arrangements.

Funeral hearts made up of various flowers and colour combinations are also used as a symbol of love and affection and mostly sent by family and friends of the deceased.

Alternately Sahara Indian Funeral Services can advise you on other floral arrangements such as small bunches of floral posies or arrangements as a memento of your love and respect to the deceased and their family.

Sahara Indian Funeral Services understands that all funerals are different and so are the specific needs of all floral tributes. Please feel free to contact us regarding those needs so that we can work with you in fulfilling the best possible floral arrangements for you and your love one.