Cremation Services Sydney

Welcome to Sahara Indian Funerals Services Sydney. Our helpful and friendly team is here to help guide you when making those difficult decisions.

One of those decisions is to cremate or bury, in many cases families and friends are unsure of what is best for their loved one. Our experienced staff will be able to help guide you in making this decision by discussing the benefits of both, so that you make the right decision.

Sahara Funerals, will extensively work alongside you to plan other arrangements such as organising the right service that honours your loved one and your family’s culture, religious beliefs and financial commitments.

For many reasons people decide to cremate over burial these days, one of those reasons is financial, due to high cost of burial sites, especially in larger cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, families are choosing to cremate over burial and therefore cremation generally works out cheaper.

Due to the change in religious beliefs and modern day attitude, many people are choosing to cremate over burial. For many people cremation is preferred as they choose to have their ashes scattered in their favourite place.

When cremation is the choice, loved ones have the option of keeping the ashes in an urn at home or a memorial garden. Keeping the ashes in an urn quite often brings the family peace knowing that their loved one is close to them at all times.

Shahara Indian Funerals Sydney can also assist you in the process of lodging the necessary documentation with certain authorities that follows any type of burial or cremation.

Organsisng a cremation need not be a time of confusion, let us help and assist you in organizing the type of cremation service you would like, considering factors such as a no attendance cremation, chapel service, church service or a private family service in your home or at beautiful venue of your choice.

To find out more information on our cremations services, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss more detailed information.

Sahara Indian Funerals Sydney, are here to help you through this difficult time of need, please feel free to contact us anytime to talk to one of our friendly and helpful staff.

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