Pre-Planning a Funeral in Sydney

Pre-Planning a Funeral in Sydney

Pre-Planning a Funeral in Sydney

Pre-Planning a Funeral in Sydney

Pre-planning a funeral in Sydney with Sahara Indian Funerals is a great idea as it elevates the stress and worries your loved ones may face once you pass away.

In modern-day society, many people are deciding to pre-plan their funerals so that the planning and cost’s that are associated with a funeral isn’t left to their loved one’s that are left behind.

Here at Sahara Funerals Sydney, we offer a comprehensive range of funeral services to various ethnicities and religions. Some of these religions include Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. We also cater to other religions such as Christians, Napalese and Sri Lanken funerals, as well as non-religious funerals such as atheists.

How Sahara Funerals Sydney Can Help

Pre-planning a funeral Service in Sydney need not be a daunting task, in fact, Shara Indian Funerals has many options available to you. Our friendly, caring and reliable team members are highly trained in pre-planned funeral services.

Our main goal is to help guide you through the entire process, from beginning to end, with a minimal amount of stress to you. We can start helping you by documenting your entire wishes and planning a funeral that suits your needs, wishes and wants well in advance.

When you pre-plan a funeral with Sahara Funerals Sydney, you have complete control over your final goodbye and inevitably have total peace of mind knowing that you have already planned, organised and pre-payed your future funeral or memorial service.

Benefits of Pre-planning a funeral in Sydney

Pre-planning a funeral in Sydney with Sahara Indian funerals is a very sound decision as it enables you to plan in advance, enter into a formal legal agreement and pre-pay in advance.

The last thing you want to do is leave your family and friends behind with the stress of planning a funeral and paying the associated costs. During the time of your passing, you want your family to be able to grieve without the extra added stress of all the planning that needs to be done, not to mention the cost of funerals these days. So why not considering looking into your funeral options today so that when your times come, you can pass away knowing that your loved ones can grieve in peace.

By pre-planning a funeral in Sydney you can control the amount of money you spend based on the choices you make at the time you take out the contract. In many cases, you have the choice to pay off your arrangements with instalments, or perhaps you wish to pay for your funeral in one lump sum so that you don’t have to worry I think about it ever again. In most cases, you can arrange pre-paid funeral payments regardless of your age and health conditions. There are also some other advantages pre-paying your funeral in advance, you may be exempt from Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs income and assets tests. Please note that this is just general information and that you should seek legal advice first before entering into any contracts regarding pre-paid funerals.

Funeral Bond

Perhaps you are looking for another way to save for your funeral, by establishing a funeral bond you can put money aside to save for your funeral costs. A funeral bond is simply another way you can save for your funeral, this allows you to put money aside on a regular basis without entering into any legal contract.

A funeral bond may also provide a tax-effective opportunity for you to put aside funds for the future, enabling you to still go ahead and plan your future funeral, specifying all the details you wish to follow through with in the future.

When initially setting up your funeral bond, you can nominate if you wish it to be set up in just your name only, or you may wish to set the funeral bond up in joint names. Please note that the previous information on Funeral Bonds is general information and may not be applicable to you, so please seek legal advice before entering into any funeral bonds.

Other Bonuses Available

Another way to save for your future funeral is to be aware that you may be eligible for exemption on an annual bonus that you receive from you personal tax assessment. Upon your death, the benefit received is then paid to out to your estate. The portion of your growth component is then handled through the administration of your estate.

In general, you can invest up to $11500 into a bond, this can either be paid as one lump sum or perhaps through regular contributions made by yourself. Please check with the following individual departments to receive confirmation based on your personal details, you may also be eligible to have this bonus exempt from Centrelink and or the Departments of Veteran Affairs. Usually, an asset and income are provided to ascertain your eligibility. All the information about regarding bonds and bonuses is general information only, your individual personal situation may vary to others and you may not be eligible for any of the above services or exemptions. Please seek legal doubt before pursuing any of the above.

To find out more information on how Pre-Planning a Funeral in Sydney may be beneficial to you, please feel free to contact us here at Sahara Indian Funeral in Sydney and we will be only too happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Funeral Types in Sydney

Funeral Types in Sydney

Funeral Types in Sydney

Funeral Types in Sydney

With so many Funeral Types in Sydney, planning a funeral for your loved one can be an extremely stressful time. However, planning an event for that special person you have lost need not be here at Sahara Funerals. We pride ourselves on our friendly, helpful and compassionate service.

Being there for you and your family throughout the entire planning process is absolutely essential. Sahara Funerals Sydney knows that by holding an organised funeral service for your loved one is the best way to honour their memory. Allowing us to assist you in the funeral arrangements will help ease your stress, allowing your family and friends to mourn in a private and supportive way.

There are various Funeral Types in Sydney, so Sahara Indian Funerals will work with you to provide a funeral service that reflects and delivers a memorable occasion. With so many funeral options available, you will be able to plan a funeral that will honour the deceased personality religion and beliefs.

Below you will find a list of funeral Types in Sydney that Sahara Funerals can assist you with:

The Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional Funeral Service

Sahara Funeral in Sydney offer a traditional funeral service, this is also known to many as the full-service funeral. This funeral service begins with a funeral ceremony, this service is usually held at a chapel or church of your that is usually known to the family, however, it can be held at any church of your choice.

After the church service, a cremation or burial then takes place at a pr-booked and organised cemetery plot. Sometimes the deceased has pre-booked a burial plot or cremation prior to their passing and has paid for these expenses in advance. In many cases, you will find that there is a viewing of the deceased that is held moments before the actual funeral ceremony or in some cases, a few days prior to the ceremony itself.

When attending an Australian traditional service, you will find that the service is usually conducted by a member of the church or by a special celebrant that has been asked by the family to hold the funeral service.

Our highly experienced and caring team members here at Sahara Funeral Sydney strive to provide a flawless funeral service. So if you have any enquiries regarding funeral types in Sydney or how you can plan a traditional funeral for your loved one with Sahara Funeral, please feel free to contact us anytime

The Direct Burial Service

Direct Burial Service

Direct Burial Service

In many cases, the deceased has pre-requested a direct burial prior to their passing, this version of a traditional burial is quite often a far cheaper option. This funeral service involves a direct burial for your loved one, without including a funeral service prior. This type of burial service is an option for those family members who are seeking an inexpensive option.

The deceased’s family and friends may not be present at the committal but can still organise a funeral service somewhere else. This way, you’ll only have to pay for transporting the body and burying or cremating it. To find out more information regarding a direct burial or any other funeral types in Sydney, please contact Sahara Funerals directly to discuss your options further.

The Cremation Funeral Service

Cremation Funeral Service

Cremation Funeral Service

Many families choose a cremation service for the loved one opposed to a traditional burial service. In many instances, cremation has been requested by their family member prior to their passing.

Basically a cremation is a funeral service that involves burning of the deceased remains into ashes. In today’s age, the cremation funeral service is becoming more popular due to cost and the deceased beliefs and personal request.

Usually the deceased is cremated after a funeral service, this cremation process can be included as part of funeral service itself, or direct cremation can also be an option without the funeral service. In general Sahara Funerals in Sydney find that many families choose cremation for their loved one as it’s cost-effective and the funeral service can be more gentle for those who are attending the funeral.

These two types of cremation services are just a couple of options that are being offered as various funeral options in Sydney. If you have any questions regarding cremation services here in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to call us here at Sahara Funerals.

The Graveside Service Option

Graveside Funeral Service

Graveside Funeral Service

The graveside funeral service is conducted entirely at the graveside itself. This type of funeral has various benefits for the family, friends and the deceased. Firstly, a graveside service provides privacy for all concerned and is beneficial in situations where privacy is essential. The graveside burial service is also fitting for religious reasons or perhaps spiritual beliefs of the family or deceased.

During the graveside burial, most family members request a committal service only, this enables the graveside burial to take place at a cemetery or crematorium. This service usually takes place immediately after the funeral service itself.

If you are considering a graveside burial service for your loved one and would like to find out more information regarding this process,

The Memorial Service Option

The Memorial Service

The Memorial Service


A memorial service is quite often an informal way of celebrating the passing of a loved one, friend or a person in the community. Usually, a memorial is held when the body of the deceased is usually not present.

Memorial services are quite often informal and can be offered in place of a full church or cremation service. Most often memorial services take place before the burial or cremation, however, a memorial service can take place directly after the funeral instead.

In most cases, a memorial service is organised and hosted by the family of the deceased. This service is provided to acknowledge the passing publicly, this gives others an opportunity to honour, respect and grieve the passing.

Memorial services also give family, friends and members of certain communities the opportunity to come together and reminisce the about the deceased personality and life.

With so many funeral types in Sydney, you may wish to consider a memorial service for your loved ones passing. To find out more detailed information regarding memorial services here at Sahara Funerals Sydney, simply give us a call and speak with our exceptional funeral director.

Green Option Funerals

Green Funerals

Green Funerals

Green option Funerals are offered to families who wish to bury their loved with a minimal carbon footprint. Most States within Australia are now offering green or natural burials in designated grounds.

During a green funeral, the deceased is covered in a shroud and then buried directly to the earth itself. in the future and as technology advances, you will see more green burial options available.

Green burial options are offered to help promote the natural decomposition of the body, therefore no caskets or chemicals are used during this process. For many, green burials are an expensive way to say goodbye to their loved one. Choosing a casket, headstone and the upkeep of the cemetery site is one less worry that families need to deal with during this time.

If you would like to learn about Funeral types in Sydney or green funerals, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Sahara Funerals.

Which Funeral Type Should I Choose?

Choosing the right funeral for your loved one need not be hard or stressful. Not one type of funeral suits everybody, as we all have different needs and requirements.

Sahara Funerals Sydney highly recommended that you contact us directly so that you can discuss all of the above options with you. With so many funeral types in Sydney, you may feel confused, so please let us help you in making those big decisions.

We are just a phone call away and are here at Sarah Funerals, we are available to help you 24/7, so please do not hesitate to discuss any of your concerns, no matter how big or small they may be.

From the Sahara Funeral Team Sydney.

Hindu Funeral Process at Sahara Funerals Sydney

Sahara Funeral in Sydney offers compassionate Hindu funeral services for the Hinduism community in Sydney. Our highly trained and professional team members here at Sahara Funeral know that a sacred Hindu funeral represents the completion of your loved one’s life so we make sure that the Hindu Funeral Process is followed correctly.

Funerals are usually looked upon as a sad and upsetting occasion, however, here at Sahara Indian Funerals, we like to think of a funeral as a way to celebrate and remember your loved one’s life and existence.

Usually, cremation is the preferred method for Hindu funerals as it the burning of the deceased signifies that the release of the spirit and the flames represent the creator Brahma. However, there are instances were burial is allowed as well as an open casket for viewing for the deceased family and friends.

Hindu Funeral Process

Hindu Funeral Process

Hindu Funeral Process

Sahara Funerals in Sydney understand that the death of a loved one is a difficult time for all concerned, therefore we are very sensitive to the grieving process of the Hindu faith. Many religious and cultural sensitivities that relate to the Hindu faith and the deceased of a loved one can include the following Hindu funeral process:

  1. An Autopsy: Hinduism usually views the process of an autopsy as deeply disrespectful to the person who has passed and their loved one’s and family. Usually, people of the Hindu faith prefer not to proceed with an autopsy unless it is mandated by the law to do so. Like most funerals, the family and friends of the deceased show visible signs of grief and loss and are usually encouraged and supported so that the loved one’s of a Hindu funeral can learn to cope with the sense of loss.
  2. Our highly experienced team members here at Sahara Funerals Sydney know that it is extremely important for the deceased to remain modest at all times. Traditionally the deceased is bathed and then dressed, usually only by people of the same sex to respect their modesty and dignity. This process and religious custom of Hinduism is absolutely essential to the care and handling of the deceased.
  3. In general Hindu’s are cremated except for certain circumstances, however, usually, children under the age of three years of age are buried during a Hindu funeral. Hindu funerals usually take place within a 24 hour period of the death and usually a Hindu family will request to transport their loved one to their family home, this usually takes place after the funeral home and the crematorium. After the cremation takes place the family of the deceased will request the ashes for future Hindu spiritual ceremonies. Quite often the family of the deceased will scatter the ashes in a spiritual place of significance such as a river or place of significance. For more information regarding the cremation process of a Hindu funeral, please feel free to contact us anytime here at Sahara Indian Funeral Sydney.
  4. When attending a Hindu Funeral in Sydney you will need to be aware of other religious sensitivities such as the removal of footwear before entering places of Hindu worship and Hindu homes. Removing your footwear prior to entering these places of Hindu worship shows sensitivity and respect to the family and friends of the deceased.

To Know More Information About Hindu Funeral Process, call Sahara Funerals to ask any question.

*Please note that the above information provided here about Hindu funerals is general guidelines, to find out more information regarding Hindu funeral in Sydney, please contact Sahara Funeral in Sydney directly or you can contact your Hindu association in your individual state.

If you would like to find out more detailed information about a Hindu Funeral in Sydney, please feel free to contact us here at Sahara Funerals and we will be only too happy in assisting you in every possible way we can.

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Arranging a Funeral During These Hard Times

Welcome all, at Sahara Funerals in Sydney we work closely with the family members to ensure that your loved one is well taken care of during this very difficult time.

Making sure that your loved one’s life is celebrated in a loving, caring and supportive atmosphere is extremely important to all of us here at Sahara Funerals Sydney.

During difficult times such as these, our loving and caring staff have implemented strategies to cope with issues surrounding limited numbers attending and any rules and regulations that are in accordance with Australian guidelines.

Sahara Funeral in Sydney can offer funeral services for various religions and cultures, some of these include Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sri Lankan and Nepalese funerals.

Our extensive funeral services are tailored to meet your individual family needs and requirements. Sahara Funerals Sydney, respect your religious beliefs and like to follow traditional guidelines as well as cater for any special requests made by the family of the deceased. Our warm and welcoming team members welcome any suggestions or input from yourself and your family and are more than happy to work in conjunction with religious leaders.

Planning a funeral for a loved one can be an exhausting and daunting process, so Sahara Funerals Sydney offers an extensive range of funeral services to help assist you during the entire process.

Our highly skilled and knowledgable staff are honest, compassionate and understanding. We want you to know that we are here for your during the entire process of planning and that you can reach out to us at any stage to discuss any planned or future funeral arrangements.

Sahara Indian Funeral Services supports many suburbs within the western Sydney district, if you are unsure if we can accommodate you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email, we are more than happy to assist with you with your enquiries.

We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us 24/7.

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From the Sahara Funeral Sydney team members.