Catering For Hindu / Sikh / Buddhist / Nepalese Funerals in Sydney

Catering For Hindu / Sikh / Buddhist / Nepalese Funerals in Sydney

At Sahara Funeral Services in Sydney, we are able to offer you catering facilities and services that will allow you to gather with your family and friends after the funeral service.

Let our friendly staff help you plan and facilitate the catering so that you can have more time fare well your loved one with the people you love the most!

Sahara Funerals know exactly what needs to be done when catering for funeral groups, our highly trained funeral director and staff can cater for any size group. Why not leave or the planning and preparation up to us, you won’t have to worry about organising a venue, a menu or shopping for the items you will need to cater.

Another benefit of having your catering room and food organised for you is that you don’t need to open up your house to guests during a time of distress. Also guests may find it easier to travel far to the catering rooms as many catering rooms are located within the funeral grounds.

Sahara Funeral in Sydney provides funeral services for various types of religions or non religious people, so can provide food catering for all types of funerals. Some of our guests may require special dietary requirements and other guests may require catering for religious reasons. Either way we can accommodate your needs and requirements and are happy to assist you in any way possible!

To give you an idea on the various types of food options that are available to you, our funeral director has compiled a basic list of food options.

Please note that the many items below are just a few of our examples and if you don’t see the type of food options you would like to have catered for at the funeral wake, then please let us know.

For Morning Tea/ Afternoon Tea

  • Fresh fruit
  • Fruit loaves and buns
  • Banana bread
  • Scones, jam and cream
  • Assortment of gourmet cookies
  • Unlimited beverages
  • Tea, coffee and a selection of fresh fruit juices and cold water

Light lunch

  • Veg and non veg sandwiches made from white & wholemeal bread
  • Sweet treats that include gluten free options
  • Gourmet cakes and slices
  • Classic sweet scones that come with jam and cream
  • Savoury scones
  • Unlimited beverages
  • Fresh tea and coffee that include a gourmet selection of teas
  • Fruit juice and cold water

Buffet Lunch

  • A selection of gourmet veg and non veg sandwiches
  • Club sandwiches filled with premium fillings
  • Pinwheel sandwiches with fillings such as smoked leg ham and chicken breast
  • An Asian inspired tower that includes favourites such as dim sims, wontons, spring rolls and sushi.
  • A large platter that contains favourites such as chicken pan fried fillets, beef meatballs, coleslaw, potato wedges, sour cream, salsa and tortilla crisps.
  • Aussie platter: Sausage rolls and meat pies accompanied with tomato sauce and relish
  • A Mini dessert collection that features gourmet favourites such as caramel slice & mini pav
  • International dishes that include curry, non veg and veg, savoury rice and plain rice, nan bread

and chutney.

  • Unlimited beverages that include fresh fruit juice and icy cold waer
  • Tea and coffee that comes with a selection of gourmet teas.

Gourmet Platters Cold & Warm Platters Available

  • Vegetarian and non veg platters available
  • Mini pies, mini sauasage rolls
  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Chicken tempura
  • Beef meatballs
  • Variety of dipping sauces

Cheese platters

  • A selection of gourmet cheeses, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and crackers

Gourmet Fruit platter

  • A large selection of gourmet fresh seasonal
  • Greek yoghurt dipping sauce

Antipasto Platter

  • A selection of fresh dips
  • Selection of gourmet crackers
  • Pickled & marinated vegetables

Gluten Free Gourmet Sweets

  • All of your favourite cakes and slices, however they come gluten free for your convenience.

Sahara Funeral Services in Sydney understand that the food selection above may not necessarily be to your taste, so we encourage you to discuss the type of food you would like to have served at the funeral wake.

The above menus are only an indication of what we can arrange for you, we ask you to let us know if you require any special menus that require a special theme.

We can arrange meals that contain non veg, veg, sugar free, gluten free etc. We can also provide food options that are preferred by certain religions or nationalities, so please discuss with us today as Sahara Funeral Services are extremely friendly, helpful and approachable.

Coping With Grief and Loss

Coping With Grief and Loss

When any type of loss occurs, it is very natural that you will experience grief and loss. Losing a loved one or friend is no different and many people experience this type of loss in their own unique way!

The director and staff members at Sahara Indian Funerals in Sydney know exactly how to advise you and your family members on how to seek help to deal with your loss and grief and how to support you in this time of need.

Many people try to just continue on with their life after losing a loved one without acknowledging what has really happened, which in return can lead to a very unhealthy and long term grief. Being able to express your grief will allow you to heal in a positive and healthy way.

Sahara Funeral understands that it is extremely important for all of to understand that as an individual person and independent personality we deal with our present and past losses in different ways. Most times it boils down to how we have been taught to respond to various situations in our life and how we have ended up dealing with them.

When we first lose a loved one, it feels so overwhelming and extremely difficult that our thoughts and feelings may be extremely confusing and unmanageable. Throughout the journey of your grief, you may find that the day to day chores in our lives are insurmountable!

Just coping from hour to hour, minute to minute may seem daunting and you may experience a range of feeling and symptoms that include sadness, shock, anger, fear, disbelief and guilt. During this process, it is always good to keep in mind that there is absolutely no right or wrong way throughout this grieving process and there is also no set order in which you may experience these feelings.

When coping with an enormous amount of grief you may also experience other bodily reactions such as tiredness and exhaustion, you also may experience symptoms such as feeling unwell or sickness, you may also experience other symptoms such as anxiety or depression.

It always helps to mention and discuss these symptoms with someone you love or a close friend. Sahara Indian Funerals always recommends that you consult a doctor in these circumstances so that you can seek a general health assessment so that you can ascertain what help you may need, if any at all!

It is also important to remember that when experiencing grief it is alright to be honest with yourself and your loved ones that surround you about how you are feeling! Grief is a process and not a state of being, life will get better and your feelings and symptoms will improve over time.

Although the funeral director and highly experienced staff at Sahara Funerals are not experienced councilors, we are extremely empathetic to you and your family’s needs. We promise to listen to you throughout the whole funeral process and be sensitive to your grief and loss.

At Sahara Indian Funerals in Sydney we acknowledge that when you come to us for help and advice over the loss of a love one we will be available and prepared to give you the right advice and direction that you will need in order to heal and move on in your life.

We can also recommend professional councilors, support groups and health experts that can help provide the valuable help and assistance that you may need.

Just know, that you are not alone throughout this process and that we will be there for you and your family every step of the way.

Please feel free to contact our professional and friendly funeral director to discuss your very own personal needs and requirements.

Prepaid Funerals Sydney

Prepaid Funerals Sydney At Sahara Funerals – 5 Great Reason Why!

At Sahara Indian Funerals Services in Sydney we know that not much thought goes into a planning a funeral until much later in your life! However planning in advance and prepaying your funeral makes great financial sense and eases the burden off your love ones financially and emotionally.

Let’s look at Five Good Reasons Why Prepaying Funerals Makes Sense

1. Beat Rising Costs, Pay in Advance

By paying in advance you can today’s price and save on things such as inflation and premiums that seem to rise each and every year! At Sahara Funeral Services we offer flexible funeral plans that allow you to pay in easy installments or simply a straight out upfront purchase. When purchasing a prepaid funeral you are also exempt from Centrelink assets test, this may help you qualify for a pension or part pension, please contact Centrelink for additional information.

2. One of Payment

When planning ahead by purchasing a prepaid funeral, you have the opportunity to only pay for what you actually want. There are no additional fees or costs on type of what you decide and pay upon. You won’t face any additional premiums, so both you and your family no exactly where you stand financially. Once you have paid in full, you will know exactly what you will be receiving and won’t face any further costs unless additional inclusions are added, in that case the total amount will be advised and added to the total cost.

3.Peace of Mind, No Need to Worry!

When the time comes your funeral will be planned and paid for! There will be no need to worry about how your family and friends will be able to cope with your passing. Everything would have been preplanned and prepaid for so they won’t be left with any financial stress.

4. Simple Process – No Paper work or Health Checks

The whole process of preplanning and prepaying for your funeral in advance is simple and quick! Here at Sahara Indian Funeral Services in Sydney we make your experience an easy one! We walk

5.Tailor Your Plan to Meet Your Needs.

By prepaying your funeral, you will be able to meet all of your needs, that means you receive the funeral you would like for the price that suits you, all your needs are met!

You will be able to pre – organize your funeral just the way you would like it by choosing the flowers you would like, the burial site, any music you may like to be played at the service, what type of priest or civil servant best suits you personal and possibly religious needs and the venue you would like it to be held at.

Pre-planning and paying can furthermore give you the flexibility to relieve your loved ones of making all of these choices and more at a time that can be most upset and vulnerable.

To find out more information on how you can arrange and prepay for your funeral at Sahara Funeral Services, please contact our funeral director or one of our friendly and helpful team members.

Our professional, understanding and caring team can walk you through all of your options so that there you will be able to rest in peace knowing that it has all been taken care of.

Indian Funeral Costs & Options in Sydney

Indian Funeral Costs & Options in Sydney

This is a question that most families ask straight away when they enter the initial stage of planning a funeral. How much will it cost and what are my options?

At Sahara funeral Services in Sydney we have all the answers that you will need to know about the cost of a funeral and what options you have! Sahara Funeral Services can provide you with a list of choices that you will help assist you in planning a funeral that will reflect your loved one’s personality and life.

Our funeral director and friendly staff are highly trained and will be able to show you all of the choices and price points that are on offer. When pricing a funeral, you will need to take into account the personality of the deceased, any religious or cultural backgrounds that was important to them and the financial need of the family.

At Sahara Funeral Services we offer an extensive flexible pricing structure so that you and your family can choose between a large range of services and funeral options.

Before you commence with any funeral arrangements, our funeral director will be there to provide any pre prices before you will need to commit or engage in any firm or fixed services. We encourage you to call our funeral director with any questions or queries that you have regarding the funeral cost and options prior to making any major decisions.

To give you and your family peace of mind, our expert funeral director and planners can provide you with a general outline of the proposed costs. We will be able to provide you with an itemised list of all costs outlining the service and its end cost. This will give you peace of mind knowing exactly how much your loved ones funeral will cost, with no surprises at the end of the funeral.

When planning a funeral there are generally a list of common costs that you can expect, below we have listed some of those associated costs so that you will be able to gather a general idea.

  1. Professional Service Fee: This fee is based on the tasks and services that are involved in planning the overall funeral. Our expertise and overall care is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 day’s a week, 365 days per year. Our funeral director and highly experienced staff will be there for you when you need us the most.
  2. Transferring of the Deceased: Transferring of the deceased from one place to another, all whilst in our care. Sahara Funeral Services can organize this service for you and your family making the things easier for your family. Let us take care of the transportation for you, so that you can concentrate on making other decisions.
  3. Mortuary Care: Our highly experienced funeral director can organise the care of the deceased, giving you peace of mind.
  4. Organisation of the Chapel and Hearse: Organising the chapel and hearse can be stressful, let us take care of that for you. We can provide you the costs associated with both of those services, so that you will have peace of mind.
  5. Death & Funeral Notice: Placing a death notice in the newspaper is still something that many families like to do, if you would like are friendly staff to assist you with this service please let us know so that we can give you a quote and give you general advice.
  6. Cemetery & Crematorium Services: At Sahara Funerals we can provide you with a detailed list of products and services that will farewell your loved one the best way you know how. Please contact our funeral director for fixed prices, so that you will have an idea of the end cost.
  7. Priests, Hindu Priests, Sikh Priests, Civil Celebrants etc: Sahara Indian Funerals Sydney caters to all religions and have a full comprehensive list of priests that will suit your religious and cultural needs.
  8. Floral Requirements: You are not alone when choosing the appropriate floral arrangements for your loved one’s funeral, our friendly and helpful staff will be able to show you all of your options and finalise a price for you that will fit within your budget.
  9. Catering Services: Ask us about the catering options and serviced that are available, we can also give you a final fixed price so that you can allow for it within your budget.
  10. Music: Some families like to have some type of music present at their loved one’s funeral, we have an extensive range of musicians that are available to you. We can also give you a fixed end quote so that there are no surprises.
  11. DVD Services: Many families like to record the funeral of their loved one, this gives them the opportunity to celebrate their loved one and have a recorded memory for future years. The recording of a DVD can give peace and mind to many families that are left behind. Please contact our staff if this service is of any interest to you and we will be able to organise options and prices for you.

Above are just some of the products and services that we have here at Sahara Indian Funerals Sydney. When planning a funeral and the costs that are associated with it, please consider the services mentioned above. We also provide other services that have not been mentioned, so if you have any queries into the services and products we provide, please feel free to give us a call anytime, we are here to help!

Sahara Funeral Services understands that everyone has various budgets, individual requirements and religious and cultural needs and requirements. We are highly trained and sensitive to you and your family’s needs, please feel free to discuss all of your concerns regarding any of these aspects.

We promise to help and assist you the best way we know how and we will consider your financial budget and provide you with an extensive list of costs so that there are no surprises throughout the entire process.

Please call us today on 0422 728 588, we are here to help!